Royal Meow: Cat Tree? Cat Castle?

The best Christmas present under our tree was this amazing cat tower. Because my older cat Hugo and our new kitten Sierra are still sorting out territory, we decided to create more possibilities by adding vertical space.

I had never purchased a cat tree before, because in my youth I was rather nomadic, but when I saw this amazing piece of local craftsmanship at our veterinarian The Cat Hospital of Portland, I was sold.

Designed and handcrafted by a lover of felines, Mark in Vancouver, Washington has created one of the best cat trees out there at Royal Meow - Castles for Cats.

I probably won't be able to explain how great this Royal Meow cat tree is, but somehow Mark managed to totally understand what cats need for climbing, scratching, hiding, lounging, jumping, and exploring all in one piece of furniture. Royal Meow ROCKS!!!

He uses recycled car tires, certified sustainable plywood, natural sustainable sisal rope, and earth friendly non-toxic glue to make an incredibly durable cat tree. If you have a cat, definitely check out the designs at Royal Meow. They are sold at pet stores in Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. Be prepared for the hunt...his designs sell out quickly and stores have a hard time keeping them in stock so you have to think like a cat.

Our princess, Sierra is infinitely grateful for Mark's innovative Royal Meow SkyRiver Keep design and pretty much spends most of her day ensconced in her tower :)


  1. THAT is the cadillac of all treehouses! omg...lol
    The amt. of sisal used is unbelievable... makes Kalei's look like a poorman's...Love that top tower, too bad a store isn't in my area...

  2. this one is a beauty - cats do love the towers... it allows for lots of exercise, but also hiding... how gently you put the 'sorting it out' process!

  3. Wow! This is super-cool. Our pets are family members and should be treated justly ... as you have! :-)

  4. Oh that is so cool Beth... what an awesome design! I love it.

  5. wow - you can get some cool cat stuff in the US - the selection in Australia is sad by comparison - might have to work out how to make our own and up scale for big ol'main coons- thnaks Beth - really fabulous!

  6. That is beyond fabulous - much better than the carpet covered ones I've seen. I bet your kitties LOVE it.

  7. So glad you all loved this cat tree! Thanks for adding your voices to the kitty collective. I can't begin to explain how cool it is. I must remember to take a video some time. Maybe Royal Meow will explode and be available elsewhere because honestly his design deserves to be out there for all kitties to enjoy.


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