Be Forgiveness & The Karma Puzzle

This video is a companion to my Free ebook Be Forgiveness. To learn forgiveness and letting go, download a free copy of Be Forgiveness by clicking here: http://bethhemmila.com/freedownloads/

In the New Year, I invite you to embark on a path of love, compassion, forgiveness, and letting go.


  1. I remember awhile back that I figured out my resentment towards my MIL.. it all stemmed to the fact that my mother wasn't able to spend time w/my children... ( the relationship I had w/my Dad was not good, so he prevented my mom from being w/me)... I was mad (subconsciously) because my MIL was involved w/my kids and not MY mother.... It was weird because that realization just popped into my head .. I was so shocked that I called my gf and she was amazed at my realization... i felt better after that happened and had a better understanding of my MIL...( our relationship was not 100% better but was civil.) Eventually my Dad came around and both my parents were able to have a relationship w/my kids

    1. Wow! What a cool insight and outcome. Happy New Year!!


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