Free DIY Arts & Crafts Tutorial: Blind Contour Line Drawing of African Animals & Watercolor Painting Tips

If you have kids or are simply young at heart, here is a video that teaches you how to use a simple blind contour line drawing of an African animal and transform it into a vibrant watercolor painting using many transparent layers of paint.

This is also an engaging lesson plan and fun way for teachers to introduce color theory to students in elementary and middle school.

Step 1: Contour Line Drawing

Gazelle Blind Contour Line Drawing by Beth Hemmila
gazelle blind contour line drawing

Step 2: Use Multiple Layers of Watercolor Paint

Blind Contour LIne Drawing and Watercolor Painting of a Gazelle by Beth Hemmila
gazelle watercolor painting

An Example of a Finished Painting:

Blind Contour Line Drawing and Watercolor Painting of a Giraffe by Beth Hemmila
giraffe watercolor painting

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