Learning Humility


Ripped apart bit by bit.
Hungry, holy claws tore knowing into nothingness.

What’s left is bone –
empty of thought,
weightless, silent, open, untroubled.
Where acceptance feels like
wrung out sheets hanging on a clothesline, flappin’ in the breeze.

Surrender is an easy joy
like the fleeting life of a rainbow,
coming and going on the whims of sun and rain.


We all have things in our lives that break down ego to teach us patience, acceptance, and humility.

It's a wrestling match worth losing for then every misstep becomes a new seed of humility planted in your soul.

May you embrace all things this year that break down your illusions and shape you into a humble servant -- a holy handmaiden meant to serve for love alone.

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  1. So very wise and beautiful words to wonder at today. So good to hear your voice, Miss Beth! May the new year bring you challenges that raise the bar and raise your spirits and my you rise to meet them with grace and dignity. Enjoy the day. Erin


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